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Hello everyone. Swim team registration is open. We are still waiting on and finalizing some last minute info from SSL and DPH but we will definitely be having a competitive season of some kind. Due to the lack of a competitive season last summer, swimmers who were 18 last season and would otherwise age-out may register and compete in 2021. We are happy to have Coach Zach back for his third season as head coach. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our swim team VPs, Kristen Davis and Heather Sparrow Murphy, at swimteam@pcswimclub.com .

The Piranhas Swim Team

Welcome!! We are so glad to have your family be part of our PIRANHA FAMILY this season! 

Our team is a member of the Suburban Swim League (SSL) and operates in the Newark area. The SSL is made up of 3 divisions and Persimmon Creek is in the WHITE division. Visit the website of Suburban Swim League (SSL) at www.sslswim.org to find out more about the league.

As part of the Suburban Swim League, The Piranhas swim team is open to all Persimmon Creek Swim Club members between the ages of 4-18. We have swimmers of varying degrees of ability ranging from the “first time” swimmer to the serious competitor. Swimmers enjoy the experience of competition throughout the eight dual meets, time trials, and championships. It is the philosophy of the Persimmon Creek Swim Team to provide ALL our swimmers with opportunities to improve their swimming technique and fitness level, participate in team activities, and most importantly, have FUN!

If you ever have any questions about our team, please contact our swim team VP at swimteam@pcswimclub.com. We are here to answer your questions and help make your experience as a Piranha a positive one!

Hope everyone is doing well and that you all enjoyed this year’s swim season. Here is a link to the video Coach Madi so thoughtfully put together for everyone. Enjoy!







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News Letter 2021

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Our 2021 Coaching Team

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